Disagreements at work aren’t real

Well, sometimes they aren’t.

Assuming it is clear why the organisation exists? To make profit or serve some function or other. And assuming everyone working there is aware of this and also sound of mind… How do we ever have disagreements?

Not the smaller ones along the lines of “We need to prioritise X over Y” but the more serious ones: “You are wrong and you need to go away and die”. Rare, but they do happen.

Ever come away from a meeting wondering how someone could have such a radically different view to your own and what the hell is going on in someone’s head?

I used to have these thoughts and double down on them. Not healthy. I’d be angry and hurt… and not really helping anyone…

Many years ago I read something that changed how I look at this. Assuming we are all on the same side… the difference of opinion must be caused by a lack of some crucial information on one side.

It might seem small, but it changed so much for me.

I’ve developed a nose for when arguments may be imminent and can instantly reframe the encounter as a fact finding mission.

The argument never happens and work relationships are so much better for it.

Of course… Some people are just assholes. 😉