Shiny things V Effective things

I’ve been evaluating Status Page products and it came down to these two:

  1. by Atlassian.

The actual status pages they produce are very similar. In the end it came down to pricing, but there were noticeable differences on the back-end administration side. is extremely polished, as you would expect from a large company like Altassian. StatusPal is not rough, but certainly not as polished as it’s competitor.

Here is the screen to Add/Remove a company logo to your Status Page, first Altassian.

StatusPage logo upload screen

It’s really polished and does make the page look a bit dated by comparison. Pay special attention to how you remove a logo, once uploaded. logo upload page

For, it is one option amongst many all on one page. Also, note the wrapping and spacing on the “Remove” functionality. Nowhere near as slick as Altassian’s efforts.

But for all the polish on Altassian’s product, StatusPal is so much more usable. Tasks that took hours on Altassian’s screens took minutes on StatusPal. How could it take hours?

I needed to add some Custom CSS to the planned Status Page. There is a field for this on StatusPal, very near all the other fields that do everything else! On Altassian’s, you go to the greyed out button on the top right of the screenshot above. That took a while to find. Then when you enter your custom CSS and hit save… it doesn’t work. Or at least it didn’t for me, because I would have to upgrade to take advantage of that functionality. Took me hours to figure this out.

What a load of shite.

So yeah, I recommend – They seem like a nice company to deal with.